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Performing Arts Tourism 2016 Kinosaki Open Dance Class

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Kids Contemporary
(Age 3-6 / Age 6-12 / Age 12-16)
Kids ContemporaryThis class is for children to dance with their own ideas and movement. We encourage them to play and get a new experience with their own body. The aim is for them to enjoy dancing and achieving their balance and musicality.
Kids Ballet
(Age 6-8 / Age 8-12)
Kids BalletIn this class, we will explain the name of the ballet steps and children can experience them with music. Through basic barre & center practice, they will be aware of their own weight, balance and coordination of the body. Of course boys are welcome too.
Adult Ballet
(Beginners / Classic Ballet)
Adult BalletEach step will be explained slowly, so do not worry even if you are completely new in ballet. Everyone who's interested in ballet is welcome. We will do stretch and basic barre & center. In beginner's ballet, we will practice basic steps and in classic ballet, we will try to dance a little sequence.
Adult Stretch & Dance
Adult Stretch DanceThis is a relaxing stretch class for adults (16+). In the first 1hour we will be doing dancer's stretch and in the last 30min we will continue a little exercise based on contemporary dance. Your body & mind will feel relaxed by the end of the class. And onsen is recommended to finish your day. (Just joining the stretching and leaving after first 1hour is okay.)
NOTE: Please wear any clothes you would like that are easy for you to move in (e.g. T-shirt, Leggings etc)
Class Schedule
20th(Sat) - 22nd(Mon) AUG 17th(Sat) - 19th(Mon) SEP
Classes are held at Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC)
Kids Contemporary
Adult Beginners Ballet
Adult Classic Ballet
Kids Ballet
Kids Contemporary
Kids Contemporary
Kids Ballet
Kids Contemporary
20:00-21:00 (21:30)
Adult Stretch & Dance
1 class 1000yen per person

Please send [Name / Age / Contact details / Class name] to the following

Kinosaki International Art Center (KIAC)
TEL 0796-32-3888
FAX 0796-32-3898
Sonoko Chishiro
Sonoko Chishiro
Dance Facilitator

Born in Shiga. In 2004, she moved to the UK and studied Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Tap, Spanish, Jazz and Modern dance at Kate Simmons Dance Ltd. To concentrate her training in Contemporary Dance, she moved to London in her second year and trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Graduated Kent University with BA(hons) in 2007 and danced with Modem (Compagnia Zappala Danza) in Sicily. Back in Japan she became a freelance dancer and ballet teacher. Also studied in policy science and graduated Ryukoku University with a MA in 2013. For 3 years, she worked for Japan Contemporary Dance Network as a coordinator and translator but joining a summer school of Foundation for Community Dance in the UK was a turning point. She started working as a dance facilitator to deliver an opportunity for people to enjoy dancing.

Yu Tanigaki

Born in Nita, she studied modern ballet from the age of 3. While being trained by Abe Nobuko and Uchibori Teruko in modern ballet and contemporary dance she performed in musicals produced by Ryutopia(Niigata-City Performing Arts Center). She has been married and living in Kinosaki for 7 years now. She is currently a Pilates instructor in Kinosaki.

谷垣優(Yu Tanigaki)
To get to Kinosaki Onsen,
it is convenient to use Tajima Airport !
40 min from Osaka International Airport(Itami Airport)
2 hours from Haneda Airport (via Osaka International Airport)
If you use Tajima Airport & join this open class, you can get Special KIAC Bag for free !
(Please show us the ticket)
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