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Kinosaki Onsen Hotspring Town
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Kinosaki Information Counter

Welcome to the Kinosaki Information Counter
Welcome to Kinosaki Onsen
A charming traditional Japanese onsen town located in the mountain vallies of rural western Japan.
Everyone here at Kinosaki Information Counter would like to welcome our international guests to our charming hotspring resort town,
Kinosaki Onsen. Please enjoy your time exploring this traditional Japanese hotspring town.
外国人お客様 タッチパネル

In addition to our friendly staff, who are knowledgable in English, and a warm welcome, we also offer maps and informational flyers about our town in English. Located near the entrance is a touch panel with internet access to better assist our guests.
It is our mission to help make your stay as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Our staff is at hand to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether it be a question about train times, how to get to your accomodations or how to use the bath houses, please do not hesitate to ask.

Guidance around town

  To help guide you as you explore the traditional bath houses and local stores, you will find large maps located near the bath houses. The maps are in Japanese and English, indicating where the bath houses and other points of interest are.
   Along with maps of the town, you will also find billigual sign posts pointing you in the direction of the bath houses and other parts of the town.

  We are easy to find. As you leave the station keep walking straight past the bus and taxi pool. We are located accross the street. Look for the “Information Counter” printed on the front window.

We are open everyday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
観光協会 観光協会の窓

電話アイコン Please feel free to call for any assistance at:
Tel: 0796-29-4188
facebook button Also, check us out on Kinosaki Onsen Tourist Information's facebook page. Here you will find information on local events, weather and more.