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Terms of use

1. Rules of usage

In regards to the rules, the user has agreed to abide by these rules through the use of the Website. “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”. The user also agrees to abide by any other codes, guidelines, warnings, etc.(referred to as the “Rules” hereafter), set by the Website.

2. Explanation of “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”

“Kinosaki Inn Concierge” is an Internet based reservation system managed by the Kinosaki Onsen Ryokan (Japanese Inn) Association (referred to as the “Association” hereafter). The user has personally decided by themselves to make reservations for lodgings via the internet at the accommodations established here.

3. Relevance to the User

Users take responsibility of ones self when rendering the services of the hotels, Japanese hotels, and other accommodation establishments (referred to as “Establishments” hereafter) found on “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”.
The Association, is not responsible for the actual services offered by the Establishments.
Any concerns, decisions, or other made in relation to reservations, cancellations or other must be dealt with between the user and the appropriate Establishment directly. The Association has absolutely no involvement in the provision of the Establishments’ services. The user takes full responsibility when using “Kinosaki Inn Concierge.” In the chance that there is a dispute, trouble, etc., between the user and the Establishment, the Association is not required to assume the responsibility of resolving the matter(s).

4. Establishments’ Room Vacancy Circumstances and Accommodation Charges

There are cases where a different website or travel agency’s, other than “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”, room vacancy circumstances and accommodation charges differ for the same Establishment. Also, plans not mentioned by “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”, but are issued in other companies (travel agencies, individually by the establishments and welfare programs etc.) such as discount tickets, complimentary vouchers, and such may not be used together. Please be knowledgeable of this.
In reference to the accommodation charges please confirm prices with the recorded price lists regarding whether service fees and taxes are applied or not.
***In addition it is not mandatory for “Hot Spring Taxes and Bath Admission Fees” to be posted or recorded. Users can expect to pay for these separately once they have arrived at the Establishment.******

In addition, Establishments reserve the right to change any accommodation charges or any other fees/charges at any time. These changes are applied only to users that make reservations after the changes have been instated. Users who have made reservations before the changes, the charges described at that time are applied.

5. Establishment Registration

Users of “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” can make reservations only for registered Establishments, published establishments are controlled. Also, the posted available reservation dates are also controlled by “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”

6. Association’s Disclaimer

Any information found on “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” about, included but not limited to, the prices and listed Establishments were posted by the Establishments themselves directly. The Association can not fully guarantee the Establishments related contents’ authenticity, accuracy, recentness, usefulness, reliability, legality or that there is no infringement of rights by a third party.
The Association takes no responsibility for any interruptions in communication or computer systems that can result in delay, stoppage, data loss, or illegal access to data. This matter only concerns the user and the Establishment. The Association does not give any guarantee that computer viruses and other harmful things are not included in mail contents sent from the webpage, server, domain or related.

7. Making and Completing Reservations

When making reservations for Establishments of and through “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” only necessary information is asked to be inputted into the reservation forms.
Regards to the completion of a reservation for an Establishment, a “Reservation number” will be issued by “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”. In the occasion that the specified reservation number appears at the top of the reservation application contents on the Reservation Done/Complete page, the reservation has been completed.
In the instance that the user has inputted all reservation information and has selected to complete the reservation, but due to computer malfunction or other problems in communication the Reservation Done/Complete page does not appear the user should then confirm their reservation status through the “Reservation Confirmation” system. If the user is able to confirm their reservation, their reservation has been completed and entered.
In addition, in the event the user cannot be contacted to confirm their reservation by the user’s inputted contact information the reservation may be cancelled.
Reservations are formed on the basis of stipulations that the Establishments decide.

8. Application Confirmation

In regards to reservation contents sent to the Establishments, once your reservation application has been sent in, Reservation is done/complete will be displayed. After this is displayed an Email notifying the user of their reservation confirmation will be sent to the designated Email address. Also, users can confirm their reservation contents and status through the websites Reservation Confirmation function.
In addition, to avoid any problems or complications users are asked to print out a copy of their reservation notification Email or the display confirming their reservation completion and bring these with them at check-in.

9. In Regards to Paying for Accommodation Charges

Accommodation Charges should be paid by the user upon check-in and/or check-out at the Establishment’s front desk. However, if the Establishment specifically asks for the payment to be made a specific way this request should be followed by the user instead.

10. Reservation Cancellations and Changes

The user, based on the stipulations the Establishments decide, may cancel the entire or parts of the reservation. If the user is unable to make the reservation on the day reserved it is the user’s duty to aptly contact the establishment as soon as possible and comply with the Establishments instructions. In addition, if the Establishment has a cancellation fee that is the obligation of the user to pay, the user must pay this fee by the prescribed settlement date in the prescribed payment method stated by the Establishment. The same applies for if the user does not notify the Establishment of any cancellations after the reservation has been made and/or does not appear for the promised reservation. In addition if the cancellation falls outside of the cancellation charge period, “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” offers support that can be found by emailing or visiting the specific cancellation screen. If the cancellation is for the day of the reservation or within the reservation cancellation charge period the user must contact the Establishment directly to notify them of the cancellation(s) as soon as possible.
Users must be aware that the rules regarding Cancellation(s) and Changes are different for each Establishment.
The association is in no way responsible for any loss, damage, or disadvantages to the user that may result in the users failure to contact the Establishment directly.

11. User’s Contact(s)

As a general rule all notifications or contacts with the User from the Establish or the Association will be done by electronic mail. The Establishment and Association take no responsibility in the failure to deliver or transmit due to inadequacy of the users electronic mail address.
The Establishment may contact the user via telephone or FAX in order to confirm the users reservation or related. If the Company sees it fit to contact the User about an emergency the User’s listed contact phone number and/or fax number will be used to contact the User.

12. Prohibited Matters

Without the prior approval of “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” and the relevant Establishments, a user shall not do any of the deeds or acts listed below. (1)Infringement of copyright or privileges of other users or third parties, as well as any deeds feared as infringement (2) Infringement of privacy of other users or third parties of the Association (3) In addition to the clauses mentioned above (1)(2) Cause any damages or disadvantages to the Association, other users or third parties (4) Violate any public order and morals or the like (5) Criminal acts or anything that maybe considered or connected to being a criminal act (6) Use “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” or go through “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” for any commercial purposes or in attempts to set up commercial purposes without the consent of the Association (7) Use false information to register for a reservation (8) use computer viruses or harmful programs when using “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” or use in a way that may connect to “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”, supply these harmful programs or computer viruses (9) violate the law, participate in any violations that may be deemed inappropriate (10) As well as anything deemed inappropriate by the judgment of the Company.
In the event that a user has been found guilty of any of the previously mentioned deeds listed above, the Association will take all necessary measures in dealing with the matter.
Careful attention is given so that the company, other users, or third parties do not receive any damages. If, by any chance, the company, other user(s) or third party do receive damages the user must take full responsibility for all legalities.

13. Limitations of Use

A user’s reservation is subject to cancellation if the user is proven to fall under any of the following definitions. (1) In the event the user is a Gang/Yakuza/Mafia, gang/yakuza/mafia member, gang/yakuza/mafia affiliate, relation/connection to any organized crime, as well as anti-government/society influences (2) In the event that any corporations with relations or controls in business actions affiliated with gang/yakuza/mafia members/affiliates (3) in the event that a staff member in the corporation is found to be affiliated to a gang/yakuza/mafia.

14. The User’s Own Responsibility

The use of “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” was decided upon by the user himself/herself, and that user takes full responsibility for their own actions while using “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”. Also, while using “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” if the User is accompanied by a third party and that third party is charged with loss or damage, it is the User’s responsibility to resolve any cost charges.

15. Modifications or Repeals of Services

Depending on the judgment of the Association, “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” reserves the right to make modifications to the contents of the services with out prior notice or contact to the User.

16. User’s Personal Information

The Association collects personal information in accordance with the Company’s protection policies of personal information. Concerning the Establishments, it is their duty to take the appropriate security methods and apply rules to insure the protection of personal information. However, the Association cannot guarantee the Establishments’ adherence to these rules. Details can be obtained by inquiring the Establishment directly.

17. No Transfer of Rights or Obligations

A user may not assign to any third party or encumber its status as a user of “Kinosaki Inn Concierge”, or any rights and obligations arising from such status, except where such assignment or encumbrance has been approved by the Association in advance.
If a user breaches the preceding paragraph, the Association reserves the right to cancel the usage between such user and the relevant Establishment and delete the posted information, and may take necessary measures (including legal measures) against such user, such as the suspension of the use of all the services relating to “Kinosaki Inn Concierge” or demand the payment of damages by the user.

18. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All disputes related to the rules of Japanese governing law, shall be resolved by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Toyooka Branch Kobe District Summary Court or the Toyooka Summary Court, the first available jurisdiction court will be agreed upon.

19. Sincere Negotiations

In the event that an unresolved matter concerning the rules arises or the explanation of the rules is doubted, the Association will conduct negotiations of sincerity with the User to resolve the matter.

20. Modifications and Updates of the Rules

There are times that the Association will make modifications and updates to the rules without notifying the User in advance. When using the website the User is encouraged to check the rules each time. After the contents of the rules have been changed, only the new changes now found in the contents of the rules are valid.

Effective: 2011.11.1