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Privacy Policy

Kinosaki Inn Concierge (0796-32-4141), an Internet media management system for various business actions.

Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s privacy policy in dealing with personal information of individuals and business actions, who henceforth will be referred to as “the user”. This privacy policy is to respectfully protect an individual’s personal information in compliance with the laws and ordinances instated, based on recognition of anything related to the individual as that person’s privileged right to protect, below is our pledge to securely handle private information.
We will identify the purposes of use of personal information as much as possible, and properly handle the personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the relevant purpose. In addition, we will take measures to prevent the use of personal information for any purpose other than that intended.

In regards to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation’s laws and guidelines concerning the protection of private information, along with the compliance of other related laws. To assure justice in general, appropriate fairness is acknowledged when collecting personal information.
e will comply with the laws and ordinances relating to personal information protection, establish internal regulations relating to personal information protection and continuously review and comply with such internal regulations.
We will obtain personal information in a legal and appropriate manner.
We will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the user. If personal information is required the purpose of use must be specified and the user’s permission obtained, unless the purpose is by order of the law. A retention period and expiration of retention period must be established. Once the data has served its purpose or the expiration date has passed the personal information must be immediately and without delay deleted.
In managing personal information, we will endeavor to take necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage, correction and safety management of the information.
If the User requests the contents to be disclosed, corrected, deleted, suspended or other the establishment must act accordingly.

Collecting Personal Information

Kinosaki Inn Concierge has complying guidelines with the laws and ordinances relating to the protection of personal information. Listed below are the cautions that we strictly follow to protect the personal information of our users who also use Kinosaki Inn Concierge for business relations.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information means the information about an individual User that can identify the relevant User by name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other descriptions that comprise such information. In addition, such information that cannot identify the relevant User on its own but can be easily combined with other information to identify the individual User is also included in the personal information.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

The purposes of the use of the personal information on Kinosaki Inn Concierge are as follows; The Company will not use the personal information for any purposes beyond the scope of the purposes of use.

  • Individual authentication in the case of using Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s services.
  • For the continual improvement of Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s management and services.
  • Provision of only necessary information will be given to Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s business partners (hotel and Japanese inn establishments, travel agents, credit card companies, local sellers, transportation agencies).
  • To show appropriate information and services to each varying user.
  • Distribution of Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s mail magazine to inform users of sponsored information.
  • To contact and inform the users of any services related to Kinosaki Inn Concierge.
  • To respond to the users questions and inquiries about Kinosaki Inn Concierge.
  • For Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s business partners’ marketing services.
  • The management of Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s contracts with the users.
  • Shareholder Management
  • Hiring of employees and management of personal

3. Personal Information Collection Method

Kinosaki Inn Concierge collects personal information in a just and legal manner. In regards to the gaining of personal information, the purpose is explained to the user before receiving their consent; this can be found at Kinosaki Inn Concierge’s site and are described as “required items”.

4. Management of Personal Information

Kinosaki Inn Concierge will endeavor to make proper security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of the personal information. We will maintain the person information in a safe environment that is inaccessible to general users.

  • Personal information will not be used for any purposes other than the purpose thus stated. Personal information of the user will not be allowed outside the designated area.
  • Only Kinosaki Inn Concierge personal and authorized personnel handle personal information. Safety measures are taken to ensure that only authorized personnel may handle the information.
  • We collect only information that is necessary to achieve the designated task, and endeavor to keep the contents as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

5.Safety Measures given to Personal Information

Kinosaki Inn Concierge is constantly and diligently striving to make adequate measures to insure that the management of personal information remains updated. We strive to prevent invalid access, the leaking of, and destruction of personal information.

6. Provision of personal information to third party business partners

Kinosaki Inn Concierge provides only the minimally required information of the user to our business partners (accommodation establishments, travel agents, credit card companies, travel agencies, product suppliers). We share information with third parties only after all the necessary precautions have been taken. We will not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining consent of a User himself/herself in principle.
The Company will provide personal information only if the consent of a User is obtained, after identifying the parties who will receive information and the contents of the information to be provided. When needed, investigations and confidentiality agreements will be made. However, that if any one of the following occurs, the Company will not release the user’s personal information

  • If the information is disclosed to a business partner but thee individual cannot be identified or specified when combining the obtained information
  • If the user willingly agrees to disclose their personal information
  • If the information is requested by a law enforcement agency or from a municipal corporation to accomplish their needed work
  • If the release of personal information puts the life, physical well being, or safety of the user or third party at risk

7. Discrete Provision of Private Information and the Effects on the User

Whether Kinosaki Inn Concierge discloses a user’s personal information or not is the decision of the user himself/herself. However, the case that a user chooses not to disclose private information and that private information previously given to the Company is inaccurate, any information or services desired by the user through the company may not be available.

8. Changes or the like of personal information

After adequately confirming the authenticity of the user, the user may make adjustments to, changes to or may delete their information, as a general rule we will respond by document in acknowledgement of the changes requested. Also, depending on the changes or deletions requested Kinosaki Inn Concierge may request specific application documents in order to complete the actions requested.
Requests for more information regarding the specifications of the protection of your privacy can be directed to the contacts listed below.

Private Information Inquiries Department
Kinosaki Onsen Ryokan Information Center
78 Kinosaki Onsen, Hyogo 669-6101
TEL 0796-32-4141

9. Cookies

The Company uses cookies for the purpose of improvement of convenience, distribution of advertisements, and acquisition of statistical data. In addition, the Company may obtain attribute information that cannot identify an individual such as age, gender, occupation, residential area (limited to the information which cannot identify an individual even if certain information is combined with other information) out of the information provided at the time of registration as a member, or the action history of users within a site(accessed URLs, contents, reference orders, etc.) by using technology such as cookie or JavaScript; provided that, no personal information is contained in cookies or action history.
Cookies used for the Services are used only improvement of convenience, and distribution of advertisements, and shall not be used for other purposes or collection of personal information.

10. Disclaimer

It is the users responsibility to use sufficient security when managing their own reservation number and email address. In the case that the user’s reservation number or email address is utilized by a third party due to the user’s carelessness, there is a chance that the personal information stored can be accessed by someone else. The user takes full responsibility for the management of their reservation number and email address and is aware of the possible illegal use by third parties.
Kinosaki Inn Concierge takes no responsibility for the loss, theft, illegal usage or the like of personal information left on websites visited through links to or from Kinosaki Inn Concierge.

11. Amendment to the private policy

Unless otherwise set forth in the laws and ordinances, etc., the Company may amend this privacy policy from time to time to assure the continuous improvement of our site and the security of your personal information.

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