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Castle Town of Izushi

Castle Town of Izushi was a prosperous town in the Edo Era. Today it has nostalgic merchant houses and historical sites. Among some of the most popular sites are the old clock tower Shinkoro, the castle ruins, Izushi’s chief retainer’s house, the old sake cellar and various buildings that retain architecture from the Meiji Era.

From Kinosaki Onsen Station take the Sanin Line to Toyooka Station. Transfer to the Zentan Bus to Izushi.

Burial Mound of Oishi Riku

The Burial Mound of Oishi Riku contains a lock of her hair. Born in Toyooka, Oishi Riku was married to the Oishi Kuranosuke, the famous leader of the 47 Ronin. The 47 Ronin committed one of the most famous acts of revenge in Japanese history. On the other side of town, in front of the city library is her birth monument.

From Kinosaki Onsen station take the San-in line to Toyooka station. Then take the Zentan Bus bound for Akaishi(赤石). Get off at Rokujizo(六地蔵)

Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum

Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum is dedicated to the explorer who is famous for his solo achievements. Achievements that have only been successfully completed with a large team, like reaching the North Pole, climbing Mount McKinley and rafting the Amazon. The museum features many of the same equipment that he used in his various solo exhibitions. The entrance to the museum is designed to feel as if you were walking into a crevasse. There is also a climbing wall.

From Kinosaki Onsen station take the Sanin line to Ebara station. Then take the Zentan Bus bound for Inaba(稲葉), Higashigouchi(東河内), Chimi(知見), or Kanaya(金谷) and get off at Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum(植村冒険館前)

Takeda Castle Ruins

Takeda Castle Ruins, a national historic site, located on the mountain over looking Takeda, a small town south of Kinosaki Onsen. Notable for its impressive and large stone walls that were built on top of the mountains. If you are able to go early morning, right around dusk, you may have a chance to see the ruins at their best when they appear to be floating above a city of clouds. The castle provides stunning views of the old castle town below and the surrounding mountains.

From Kinosaki Onsen Station take the San-in line to Wadayama Station. Transfer to the Bantan Line to Takeda Station. From Takeda Station it is about a 30 minute walk/hike up the mountain to the ruins.