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Like staying at your grandmother's in the count...


Like staying at your grandmother's in the country side. The building is retro, but we do serve world class crab dishes.


These rooms in the main building are traditional Japanese style rooms without baths or restrooms in the room, but are very reasonably priced.

Max capacity:1 ~ 6persons

"Main building Japanese style rooms (no bath or restroom in room)" Details

Large room about 40m^2, can fit groups of 7~12 people. Perfect for groups of people traveling for school trips, business seminars, camps, or any other large group excursions.

Max capacity:7 ~ 12persons

"Main building large room (no bath or restroom in room, fits 12)" Details

Japanese style rooms in the Kazan building are all equipped with a restroom with bidet and can fit groups of 2~6 people.

Max capacity:2 ~ 6persons

"Kazan building Japanese style room (restroom with bidet)" Details

The larger room in the Kazan building is reserved for larger groups of 7~8people.

Max capacity:7 ~ 8persons

"Kazan building (large room for 8 people, restroom with bidet)" Details

All rooms in Kazan building are Japanese style with a veranda and restroom with bidet. The rooms fit groups of 1~4 people.

Max capacity:1 ~ 4persons

"Kazan building (Single person room, restroom with bidet)" Details

The guest rooms in Tsuruki building are Japanese style and come with a bath, a small connecting room, and bidet toilet.

Max capacity:2 ~ 8persons

"Tsuruki building (Japanese style with connecting room, bath, bidet)" Details